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Top-rated $40 earbuds for just $17? Yes, this 60%-off deal is for real

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Sep 16

What is it?

Cheap headphones are a dime a dozen, but great-quality affordable headphones can be a bit tougher to find. Here come the Jxrev Wireless Earbuds to save the day. These popular buds feature the latest in Bluetooth technology for seamless pairing and consistent audio quality, and make it easy to control with just a tap of your finger.

These little earbuds fit comfortably in the pocket and come with up to 32 hours of playback time. 

Save $18 with coupon
$22 at Amazon

Why is it a good deal?

Want to know what's even better? They're almost 60% off right now, with the Black earbuds down to just $17. They're also available in five other colors: Green, Pink, Purple, White and Dark Blue for only a buck more. While prices are this low you might want to pick up a second pair for yourself or as a gift.

Why do I need this?

Each bud delivers between six and eight hours of playback time, but when paired with the charging case, they offer a whopping 32 hours. Now those long flights suddenly don't seem quite as long. The case itself can be fully recharged in just one hour, too. They're even sweat- and water-resistant, so you can confidently wear them while working out or working in the yard.

The Jxrev Wireless Earbuds pair with both iOS and Android devices. That's a huge win, especially for anyone who wants noise-canceling buds on a budget. A set of 13mm drivers deliver impressive sound quality, and each earbud has a built-in microphone that it uses to adjust the amount of noise cancellation.

three sets of earbuds in earbuds white, black and pink
Earbuds for under $17? That's music to our ears! (Photo: Amazon)

What reviewers say

These popular buds have more than 18,000 five-star fans that rave about the quality.

"I love these earbuds! First of all, I have a hard time finding ones that feel comfortable and stay in my ear. [With these] I never have to worry about them falling out. I have even slept comfortably with them in, and I’m a side sleeper. The other thing is the battery life! I don’t use them daily but quite often. I listen to books a lot, so I usually will use them while I am at home cleaning. I highly recommend!" one user raved.

Another user backed up that opinion. "I purchased these earbuds as a replacement for a set that didn't hold up. The sound from these is far superior. My phone calls are easier because the mic and noise cancellation are extraordinary! I love the fact I could get them in a fun color, too. The case and the ends of the earbuds magnetize together to prevent them from falling out when the case is opened. I am getting long periods of listening after short periods of charging. Now my husband wants a pair!"

Said this audiophile, "The battery life is great. I also like that the case battery indicator is on the outside of the case, easier to see. A slight negative, the battery status is reported to the phone as a single value, not a value per side, and the case battery status is not available other than through its build-in LED — though that doesn't bother me much, to be honest."

Meanwhile, this reviewer admitted that instead of drowning out background noise, their buds almost drowned. "I work as a dishwasher and these headphones have fallen into the dishwasher multiple times and survived with no damage to sound quality or ability to charge. Cannot recommend enough!"

Built-in microphones block out unwanted noise to ensure clear call quality. 

$22 at Amazon

The reviews quoted above reflect the most recent versions at the time of publication.

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